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Putting up a FENCE?

Expect Ogletree & Chivers Land Surveyors to install a fence in the right place and comply accurately with the dividing line. Our staff has been instructed in the latest techniques, as well as the old standards. Remember, there is wisdom behind the popular saying “good fences make good neighbours.” So if you’re planning to put up a fence, don’t hesitate to seek expert and proficient help from a land surveyor like Ogletree & Chivers Land Surveyors.


Based on given information, Ogletree & Chivers Land Surveyors will help you decide on the type of fencing that best suits your needs and tastes, and best matches the style of your house. Call us today if you have any further surveying questions and we will assure you that you'll have a confidential, mutually profitable and enjoyable relationship with us.