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Other Services

We believe in providing a comprehensive range of services, expanding scope to the following services:

  • Loan and mortgage surveys

  • Boundary surveys

  • All aspects of subdivision design and development

  • Land use feasibility studies

  • Topographical surveys

  • Road design and stakeout

  • Route surveys

  • Floodplain determination/elevation certificates

  • All types of construction staking

Our professional and registered staff will help you with any surveying services that you need:


Mike Collins, the crew chief of our “Crew #1”, has over thirty years of experience here at Ogletree & Chivers.


Scott Canon, the crew chief of our “Crew #2” and draftsman, has over eighteen years of experience with O&C.


Jeffery Prior has nineteen years of surveying experience, more than eight of those at O&C.